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As an EMBARK Advisor Ernie brings 44 years of leadership experience in both the marketplace and in ministry. 

Ernie’s mission is to use leadership principles, based on Biblical principles, in all aspects of those he leads and mentors. In the market-place Ernie has been a leader in the world of health-system pharmacy. He has held key pharmacy leadership positions in a number of major teaching hospitals in the Boston area as Vice President, Director and Associate Director. He also taught for 12 years at Northeastern University.

For the past seven years Ernie has been President and CEO of his own consulting company. He serves on several advisory boards of companies and consults to numerous companies and health systems across the US. Ernie is DiSC®️ certified and LionsLead Certified Advisor. 

As an elder and leader in the local church, Ernie has been a long-time teacher and leader of others including teens and adults for the past 35 years. Ernie has led teens on short term mission trips around the world for 25 years. 

Throughout his entire career nothing excites Ernie more that to see people learn and grow under his mentorship having those “ahha” experiences when they gain confidence as a leader and exhibit skills that people recognize and want to aspire to themselves. 

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Ernie Anderson

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